William Gibson, Pattern Recognition, U.S.A, 2003


What is your pseudonym ?
D.C. Baudin

What country do you come from ?

Why it is your favorite book ?
Pattern Recognition is a speculative fiction novel about a cool hunter named Cayce Pollard, someone who is paid to seek out new trends and styles on the streets to exploited by corporations. Pattern Recognition is my favorite book for a number of reasons. It follows the near prophetic understanding of technology, not focusing on the technology itself, but the way we behave around technology. It offers a haunting look at viral media and how it could grip us, or potentially be produced for reasons and goals beyond our immediate understanding. This is coupled with Gibson’s powerful grasp of the English language and how to manipulate tools like simile in expected, creative, vague, but somehow distinctly understandable ways. It also is the beginning of an overarching concept echoed through the next three novels in the series, which aren’t directly sequels, but tied together by a concept and a few shared characters.